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  • New Smoke/CO detector installation needed. (LiamSteve)
    Recently read a blog in a home electrical service, The Shock Doctors, site about a family in Ontario saved because of their newly installed smoke/CO detector. After the incident...
  • registering is maddening (Peter Rabbit)
    Hi, There is some technical glitch that kept causing the system to say my email wasn't "valid". After about ten tries it finally accepted it. Did anyone else have this issue?
  • Kids and folklore (Ashleytarrence)
    I have always heard that u do specific things when the moon is in specific body parts? Example being wean from the bottle when it is in the knees. How do I know which part is in...
  • Horse Nettles (Lynne68)
    I live in the Smokys planting zone 6. I have 6.6 acres with sheep on 1 1/2 acres and a large organic vegetable garden. I have become inundated with horse nettle. I know how...