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Memorial Day

When is Memorial Day in 2016 (U.S.)? Get dates and Memorial Day history... read more

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Today in History

Born 1863: George Grey Barnard (sculptor) More

Moon Meets Mars

The Blue Moon meets the Red Planet—just as it comes closest to Earth—on May 21, 2016. Get ready for true spectacle... read more

Weather Folklore of the Day

The first and the last frosts are the worst. More

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Approach trouble as you would a mule. Look it in the face. More

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What are the dimensions of a standard rain gauge. I'm having trouble finding this from weather of... More

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When will there be but 24 letters in the alphabet? See Answer

Grow a Flower Garden!

If you’re like me and can never have too many flowers, now is the time to plan a cutting garden so you can have your... read more