Win New Binoculars!

Find out more about the so-called discovery of Planet Nine and win brand new binoculars in our...

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Get a Better Harvest

Ready to eat fresh?  Create an edible garden. With The Old Farmer’s Almanac...

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February 8, 2016

The 39th day of 2016

40 days until spring begins

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Today in History

1936: Jay Berwanger became the first player to be drafted by the National Football League More

Valentine's Day

Wow! For those of you who are obsessed with chocolate, you are going to think...

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Weather Folklore

The night of St. Peter (February 22) shows what weather we will have for the next 40 days. More

Advice of the Day

A February spring is not worth a pin. More

Question of the Day

I thought century years couldn't be leap years. Am I wrong? More

Word of the Day

Cumulonimbus cloud See Definition

Puzzle of the Day

At evening by my whole you'll think of days gone by, and never reckon that of my second, my first... See Answer

"Advice" on Love

Herewith, from science and folklore, are over 20 surefire techniques for finding, attracting,...

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