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Heirloom Tuchon Carrots

Heirloom Tuchon Carrots


My heirloom Tuchon carrots that were supposed to grow to about be about 6" and adorably baby sized? Only 4 of them ever made it that big. Most were an inch, some were still thin little orange roots.

Figuring the experts were just being particular I neglected to heed their advice when planting my carrots because:

1.They said "Space the seeds evenly."
Do they realize how tiny those buggers are?
They must not.
2.They say "Once the greens are about an inch long start thinning them out."
Don't they know how difficult it is to cull the little herd of cute green things you've planted and are growing?
Obviously not.

Lesson learned1. Next year I pay attention to the experts

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