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go to a doctor first!!! forgo to a doctor first!!! for blood tests, check for lice, thyroid, STRESS,hormone tests make sure there isn't a medical reason besides menopause..,have the water tested in your areas or ask for the test results.. Quit drinking alcohol and coffee, drink more plain water- not bottled it has carcinogens, take those hair vitamins and stress vitamins found at a good health food store with lots of water. take something with omegas, eat less garbage. Get a better shampoo and conditioner and wash hair LESS often.overprocessed? get a hairdresser to color the hair instead- may be time to give up platinumn blonde,,blonde hair is more delicate, and now being replaced by the silver ones and not as many.. . ...she could be balding just like men do, its genetic.. all things being equal you won't even notice regrowth for a year or two, and everyone loses 50 hairs a day at least. but most grow back eventually- even if it is silver :)

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