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yes, there is a great remedy.yes, there is a great remedy. after all medical problems are ruled out, then do this;every day till you start getting your hair back, put lots of 100 percent olive oil on your hair, take a hair brush and massage your scalp in circular motions for about 15 or 20 minutes.wash with a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner with protein in them. i have stopped using a comb or brush , i just run my fingers through my hair to comb because they will just keep breaking the hair.always use a leave in conditioner all year round.dont wash your hair often , just rinsing with your conditioner will clean it although while you are doing the scalp treatments you will need to wash it.dont put it through any stress like curlers, curling irons,hair clips, etc. i think i have covered every thing. i have a beautician that is all organic. i learned this from her. if you can find one that can give you oil scalp treatments also, that will help, mine does.i was almost bald when i met her and now have my hair back and it didnt take very long for results.i tried bunches of other stuff before i met her including vitamina and nothing worked. i wasted a lot of money. this works...at least it did for me. worth a try..remember,do these treatments every day for a long time, i had to and then when you get to where you can start not having to do it every day, then dont always use shampoo to clean your hair, conditioner will clean good.but you may always have to keep doing this ever once in a while after you get your hair back, i do. i think with me it will be a contuining problem. i do this at least 2 timea a week.

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