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I have seen this eventI have seen this event dipicted in the movie, "The Young Mr. Lincoln" where Henry Ford played the part of Mr. Lincoln. In this portrayal, the mother of the accused did indeed witness the murder but could not tell which of her sons was guilty and would not testify either way. Mr. Lincoln was puzzled by Mr. J.C. Cass, the prosecution's lead witness's name in the movie, who had testified he saw the accused kill the decedent, his supposedly best friend from the distince because the night was "moon bright". Upon the final day of the trial Mr. Lincoln called Mr. Cass back to the stand for reexamination. He asked him why he lied about his name. Mr. Cass said he had not lied. "Oh yes you did Mr. Cass." Lincoln said. "You only gave us your initials, was it because you might think we thought your name was Jack-Ass that you didn't tell us your name was Jack Cass?" "I'd would venture to say anybody who would lie about their name would lie about just about anything. Just like you lied about seeing this boy kill your best friend." And you know the rest of the story...

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