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tomatoes in containersNeed help as soon as possible. I just planted my tomatoe seedlings (size ranges from 4 in to almost a foot tall) in black plastic one gallon containers with drip holes in the bottom. They were planted with new bags of garden soil and new bags of organic manure. Today I watered them with Miracle Gro. I live in Florida and have put metal cages in the containers. Will one gallon containers be big enough or will they need transplanting as they get bigger. They get morning sun and later afternoon shade. Last year we had problems with tomato hornworms and yellowing leaves and stems after the first set of blooms and tomatoes. Should I put sevin dust on them now? Or should I put a marigold plant in each of the containers? I have around 22 plants. Would coffee grounds be good to add to the soil for tomatoes and how often? Or are coffee grounds just for roses and how often for roses? What about putting banana peels in the containers with the plants? Would that be helpful?

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