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Regarding 'when water isRegarding 'when water is rippled or still.' You can count on the water in high mountain lakes to be rippled, still or churned. I have discovered windy conditions and churned waters overall to be beneficial fishing over the years. I believe it is best to fish the other end of the lake where the winds have pushed and churned nutrients to the corner of a lake, outlet/inlet/cove in other words fishing against the wind. My success rate of catching fish in this manner has increased significantly throughout the years. My years of buying lure du jour have all but come to an end based on observation and usage of lure(s). When fishing mountain lakes, small ponds, streams, rivers, inner city lakes and lakes in general I have discovered that carrying a small pocket-size tackle box with two lures in quantity catches many species albeit carp, catfish, trout, bass, crappie, bluegill, salmon, walleye, pike. I'm not out to catch the biggest or the most fish inasmuch as I am willing to gain another experience in the great outdoors by keeping it pragmatically simple.

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