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Now that Spring is here, withNow that Spring is here, with spawning and post-spawning times are near, it's best to fish the shallow warm waters that attract the forage. I *think* the north shores warm first, but I may mistaken. Remember the food chain: 1. wind stirs up the water and frees plankton. 2. Minnows feed on on plankton. 3. Wind shakes insects free from the water vegetation. 3. Smaller forage fish and smaller game fish eat the insects. 4. Larger game fish feed on forage and smaller game fish. 5. The plankton, insects, and minnows are up against the wall--the windward sides of the bar, the drop-off, the bank, the weedbeds. Choose your lures according to the hatch, the forage,and the species you're after.

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