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1. Use smaller plates 2. Cut1. Use smaller plates 2. Cut portion size in half 3. Eat a small amount evrey two to three hours to keep metabolism active. 4. Walk every day - walking stairs is great for keeping knees loosened up, walk to a place you enjoy seeing as a river or park and walk early in the morning to see the sunrise or late in the evening to see sunset. 5. Get a friend to join you who has the same desire to lose as you do. Much easier than with someone who doesn't. 6. Pray every day before doing any of the above; it helps to ask God to help you in your endeavors. 7. Think yourself more active, think yourself losing weight and looking and feeling good. 8. Think happy! 9. Eat a small snack so you don't feel deprived. 10. Wear really good walking shoes and clothes - feel comfortable in them.

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