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It was interesting readingIt was interesting reading these comments. It is very clear that this is a very emotional topic. Flags were designed to tell groups of people apart. It gives a visual clue as to where "their" people are. I do find the current flag worship/obsession to be cause for worry as they people have taken a normal behaviour and carried it to dangerous extremes. Of course we are going to treat our flag with respect - it represents our "group" and we are respectable people. And because it is a representation of our group; the group should control who gets to use the flag. Where the trouble comes in is when people say they would die for the flag. I am willing to die to defend this country, but the flag? No, the flag is just a symbol. Another problem is when the worshipers/obsessed become abusive towards people who do not feel the same as they do or violate some flag rule. I hope we can all keep this in perspective. The flag represents the USA and it represents citizens of the USA. It does need to be treated with respect, but not worshiped.

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