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My name is StarBlaster,My name is StarBlaster, StarB, starzy, or just Vallery or Val. lol lots of names. Anyway I'm the single mom of two beautiful children, Mikey and Serenity. I'm getting married at the end of the month to the assistant pastor at my church. I'm a born again Bible and Holy Spirirt believeing Chrisitan who likes to go witness to people in my town and work on jewelery and writre on my free time. I dont have much free time as I work at Walgreens pharmacy as a technician about 30 hours a week. I teach "girls club" at the Thursday Night Youth Groups and I'm very pleased to see the change in some of the girls I witness to. God is great and greatly to be praised. He constantly provides for all my needs as I never can make enough money for all the bills. Each pay check is a stretch and each time it looks bleak as my budget tells me I'm 200 in the hole but God's got it and is almighty in his provision! God bless you all!

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