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As strange as it sounds, weAs strange as it sounds, we used to use softer brands of dry dog food to catch catfish at a few ponds in the DFW area of Texas. We used treble hooks and fished on the bottom with weighted lines and occasionally with bobbers if we got bored. We never did find one dog food that worked better than others...it usually depended on how hungry the catfish were and if we were in the right place at the right time (just like any fishing!). I did try baiting out a creek or two with a full bag of the dog food in a medium to large sized mesh bag from onions or potatoes. That worked out pretty good! The creeks were at the "bottom" part of the lake on the map, if that made any difference. Channel cats and the mud cats seemed to like the dog food best. We also used hot dogs quite often. Good luck, y'all!

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