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Re: SummerThe guys came busting in. "Hey, the steaks, brats, and dogs are all cooked, youse girls got all the fixin's done fer us yet?" YB asked. Blacksheep shoved his way in trying to carry two platters of meat at the same time.."Hey, somebody give me a hand here!" Harold and Stuie dove in to help carry everything and get it all set out. "What a FEAST!" Mary Scott shouted out. "Dig in while the diggin's good!" While everyone was busy eating, thinking of course everyone was going to be sweet and innocent, Mouse ran out to the kitchen to get the desserts..."Mary, could you please give me a hand?" The girls were all bringing out deserts...apple and cherry pies, cheesecakes, fruit, strawberry shortcake.... "Wow, what a feast we all are having!" Stuie cried out inbetween licking his fingers of the bbq sauce. Just as everyone had settled down, Mouse started to spray the whipped cream on the shortcake and cheesecake...now we ALL know how she just CAN'T be perfectly well behaved constantly! Yep, she just HAD to aim the can at YB! "Oops! My mistake, shame on me!" Mouse said with an evil grin. Just then............. Posted by: mousepotatoes69 (IP Logged) Date: July 5, 2009 11:39PM

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