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Well, here we are a yearWell, here we are a year later -- almost ready to put the garden to bed again. So, how did my covered balcony plants fare over the winter? Although Snowzilla and Snowmageddon did not visit my area (Zone 6 and 7) in 2011, we did have some substantial ice and snow days, below zero wind chills and lots of wind this past winter. All through it, my plants were hunkered down inside their paper and plastic fortresses. On sunny days I would lift the paper "lid" (bag flap) and expose the plants to the sun. Then the lids would go down in the evening. Every plant got watered twice a week, rain snow or ice. When I took off the paper leaf bags and the plastic bags in April - Voila! A BUMPER crop of Catnip and lots of plants with new shoots, were waiting under their wraps, raring to go. Even the bulbs made it thru just fine (tulip, and hyacinth). I have alrady stacked the paper lawn and leaf bags and will buy the plastic bags once there is a 2 for 1 sale (transparent bags - 2 1/2' X 3 1/2' approx. -- worked just fine -- with the added bonus of being able to see thru them to check the plants' condition).

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