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The change becomes apparentThe change becomes apparent to me because of daylight mainly. Later light in the mornings and less hours of light in the evenings. My other senses also remind me: my body aches differently, I tend to smell different things in the air, I start seeing more migrational movements with birds, and the blasted retailers start barraging us with Christmas decor before Halloween arrives and way before Summer officially ends. I can't explain the physical sense of Fall being around the corner, but my body just feels differently and there is definitely excitement in my bones. I think that comes from the temperature beginning to be less of a beating and the direction of the wind starting to change more often. I truly love Summer and the heat, but it begins to get real old after so many over-100-degree-days in Texas...and this year was a record breaker in the DFW area. I'm ready to rake leaves, smell cinnamon and spices from candles, have a fire in the fireplace, and enjoy the many other awesome smells of Fall!

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