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Here in waaaaayyyy UpstateHere in waaaaayyyy Upstate New York on Vermont border we are just now seeing Wooley Bears for the first time this year. Alll so far have been even between black front, orange middle, and black rear. The "lore" I have always heard is that the segments predict how long each portion of the winter will be---front section is for Fall and Early winter; middle for mid winter and rear for end of winter shading in to spring. This does correspond with a harsh or mild winter if you think about it just not direct temperatures. Altho we have very few squirrels out here in Farm Country (go figure!) we have a bumper crop of black walnuts on yard trees and have seen LOTS of acorns on trees and ground. Have seen LOTS of foxes recently many more and with more fur than you would expect. More road kills than usual among all furry things---does this mean they are more active looking for food? And baby skunk in the daytime last week! Enjoying introducing very curious grand daughter to Wooley Bears and lady bugs etc but NOT so much the incredibly ANNOYING and prolific "Biting flies" that followed the recent flooding here. What is UP with THAT??????

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