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I must have lost the plotI must have lost the plot somewhere in the distant past. I have been making pickles and chutneys for nigh on 50 years and have always used the crops that aren't fit for storing. This how they came into being in the first place. I never use a pickle or chutney until it is at least 12 months old.I have always followed the same practice. Make the chutney allow to cool put it in jars and store. I have never seen a pickle or chutney go off. I am eating chutney I made in 2005. It is a little thicker but still tastes great( orange and apricot chutney) As for exact measures it normally works out at about 1/2 pint of vinigar to every 1lb of fruit or veg plus whatever spices that suit you. Keeping it simple makes it more fun. Sussexman Dig a little, Dream a lot.

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