Yeah. I was once fishing for
Yeah. I was once fishing for bass on Bessie's Creek in Brookshire, Texas. A terrible storm came up. I was using an 8 inch Broken Back Mirror lure and made one last cast and retrieved it parallel to the grass line When WHAM ! At first I thought it was a bass but it kept running my drag hard. Well it finally turned around. Believe me I didn't turn it around, I was using 10lb test and am surprised it didn't break. She kept swimming towards me and went under an old wooden bridge with fallen pilings. I jumped in the creek to wanagle her around the obstacles, ever so diligently as not to break the line. When she came up she literally scared me. She was a 55 pound channel cat. I finally gilled her and rushed home. It was storming remember? On a giant top-water lure being reeled in at lightning speed. Such fun. On Lake Conroe I was wade fishing and I cast a chartreuse, willow leaf, spinner bate into about 4 inches of water and caught a 17 lb male Florida bass. In Sam Rayburn reservoir, I caught a 7 lb spawning tree stump. I missed my mark casting, but caught her anyways. I wished I could have seen my eyes when I did that. My advice is to go bass fishing. You may end up catching the biggest catfish ever. Ha ha.