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Diamataceous Earth (foodDiamataceous Earth (food grade) is a natural supplement that kills fleas and worms on contact. It works by essentially creating cracks in the pests exoskeleton, thus drying them out. Give approx 1 tbsp mixed in with food (depending on dogs size) to treat for parasites. It is natural and safe to use as both a preventative and treatment. Topically you can apply directly to fur to treat for fleas; you can sprinkle some on your dogs waste if they have worms to prevent accidental transmissions to other pets. (Although its best to just pick it up right away anyway) if you are treating for an active case of worms continue the treatment for at least 1-2 month. Since DE kills on contact with the organism only you need to be sure to continue the treatment for several larvae cycles to ensure they don't come back. Can also be used around perimeter of your house. Be sure you only use FOOD GRADE diamataceous earth, and take precautions not to inhale or let your pets inhale it. Like any small particulate it can cause lung damage if inhaled frequently.

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