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I got creative for my coopI got creative for my coop and used an extra large dog crate for my coop. I removed the pan from the bottom and zip tied 1/2 inch mechanics mesh on the bottom. I used a dowel for the perch. I bungied a Real Lemon bottle with a watering attachment upside down in the coop. I made a 3 sided concrete block frame to set the crate upon (and painted and planted pentas all around it and in the open front part I slid the pan. Now when it's time to clean out the coop all I have to do is hose out the bottom of the coop and spray down the pan. To keep them safe from rain and cold I fashioned a tarp that rolls down the back and sides of the coop and use an infra red lamp for the cold. My girls lay almost every day! I only have two, but they have a 15 x 15 run that they happily dig up every day. All I have to do is spray out the coop and rake out the yard. For the nest box I used a plastic round planter that is nestled in an iron frame (used to be a foot stool, very ornate and looks like a little throne with a nest on top).

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