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Some of the girls were sayingSome of the girls were saying that they should get Martha Stewart to help with the renovations...stating she'd know how to really fix it up good..."NO WAY" Mouse hollered "She's too goody two shoes for us! We want nice and all, but.........!" "We need the help of someone more like US!" Mary Scott added. "So why not get someone like Maxine, she's about as mouthy as you girls, and us guys will get Tim Taylor and Larry the Cable Guy!" YB chimed in. "Na, if us gals need any help, I say it should be from Kevin Costner and Richard Gere! Their presence alone would make this place awesome!" Mouse started jumping up and down with excitement. "Like THEY'D have anything to do with the likes of you!" Stuie laughed. And then........... Posted by: mousepotatoes69 (IP Logged) Date: July 17, 2009 07:32AM

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