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Growing container tomatoes on a patioIf you're growing tomatoes on a patio, it sounds as if you'd grow them in pots? You can certainly grow tomatoes in containers. Plant one tomato per container and make sure the container has holes in the bottom. Cherry tomatoes are great in containers and here are a few other smaller varieties to try: Early Girl, Patio, Small Fry, Sweet 100, Tiny Tim. Ask your garden center to advise on size of pots. Most tomatoes use large containers (18-gallon). Use potting soil (such as Miracle Grow), 1 cup of Osmocote slow release 13-13-13 and 1/4 cup of lime. Every 12 days, feed with a high phosphorous fertilizer. You can also add some mulch on top to retain moisture. Make sure your tomatoes are in a location where they will get 6 hours of sunshine daily. Water after planting and then consistently. When to water? If the soil is dry on the top, but you can feel moisture further down, you probably don't need to water them yet. If it feels dry all the way through, water them until the water leaks through the holes. You'll need to stake the tomatoes for support. You can find more detail about tomato plant care and harvesting on this page. Good luck!

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