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The girls were busy whipping The girls were busy whipping up some good eats to go with the steaks the guys were cooking...or hoping to be cooking! "Hey guys, knock off all the sipping and puffing, and get that meat smokin'!" Mouse hollered out the door. "If you want to have all the good stuff we're putting together in here, ya best be cookin' out there too!" "That dang Mouse is SO bossy!" YB muttered. "Yeah, who does she think she is anyway?!" Stuie chimed in. Blacksheep just laughed at it all...could it be he found some of the special ingredients Mouse uses in her desserts and put it in that Peterson pipe? Mary Scott backed Mouse up by letting those guys know that Nurse Gladys Ratchet was back from vacation and in the kitchen...more than ready to make sure the guys really did behave. But, all of a sudden, the main grill exploded and........... Posted by: mousepotatoes69 (IP Logged) Date: July 19, 2009 11:19PM

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