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Tomato problemsAlthough several conditions may cause yellowing and wilting, the tomatoes may possibly have a type of wilt, perhaps fusarium or verticillium wilt. Symptoms begin as yellowing and wilting of lower leaves (verticillium often shows up as wedge-shaped yellow spots on the leaves). Plants can be stunted or not recover from wilting after being watered. To check for verticillium or fusarium wilt, cut a troubled stem by the base and look for brown discoloration inside the stem. Fusarium may affect just a few shoots in the beginning. It only attacks tomato plants, reduces vigor and yield, often killing the plant. Verticillium may affect whole plants and can travel to other types of plants. It may not kill tomato plants but will reduce vigor and yield. It’s best to destroy the plants (do not add to compost pile). In future, plant resistant cultivars. Sanitize tools. Rotate crops—avoiding any in the tomato/potato family in the same spot for the next few years. One can try soil solarization to try to get rid of the disease in the soil. Hope this helps. For more info and photos, see: http://ohioline.osu.edu/hyg-fact/3000/3122.html

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