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While YB attempted to While YB attempted to maintain his innocence (like THAT could really happen!) everyone else laughed like crazy. "C'mon YB" Stuie chuckled "Forget ole Ratchet and sit down here and eat some grubs...I mean grub!" The girls were frantically trying to serve up the eats, despite the huge mess from the explosion. Mary Scott was ordering everyone to come and sit down. Mouse was helping to dish up the food when OOPS! She SOMEHOW flung a spoonfull of baked beans at YB! "Now HOW did THAT happen??!!!!!" she said slyly. "Gosh YB, really I AM sorry!" tee hee "Alright you wascally wimin...get on wit da grub!" Blacksheep ordered. BUT............. Posted by: mousepotatoes69 (IP Logged) Date: July 28, 2009 12:24AM

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