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Did or does the number ofDid or does the number of hurricanes that went north straight up the Atlantic without going to land fall or reallly losing a lot of their energy last season have anything to do with this winter's seemingly reversal on getting cooler or cold? Also could our heat wave be strong enough to mix with the Pacific side cooler weather and actually outmix the cool making it warmer and then our weather staying a longer time than expected along with more drying conditions. It looks like hot and dry is here to stay for a while and may actually fuel more of the same. Equator to the Artic does not have very much in the way of change in it's seeming exchage of hot and cold and molecules of moisture, and looks like cold if any may be on the other side of the world where it is suppose to be this time of year but over there also seems a little deminished. On or south of the Equator seems to have it's share of heat also as well as places like Russia where their weather patterns may be out of sinc. Not only are we geeting record heat and dry the rest of the world is also, India and Russia are getting record wet and not so cold. Looks like the equitorial patterns may have lost some of its design to send weather north or south depending on normal and it is keeping a lot more heat instead of sendind it away so that cooler or cold can be vented in on the low side which is normal. Has or is heat accumulations semi-taken over the equator circumnavigation aspect and left what little cold there is mostly over the places that are usually cold instead or recirculating it? In other words, has heat accumulated in the highest reaches of our sphere and stagnated becuase it's hot and heat travels to the upper reaches of our atmosphere, it spirals up instead of sideways and that would be in the spin of earth where diameter is largest right over the equator. Could that be possible?

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