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Arugula and Kale swapI would love some Kale and Arugula. I have lots of green Oakleaf Lettuce and flower seeds. My flower seeds are: Heirloom White Petunia, Purple Wave Petunia,Balcony Mix Petunia,Sweet William Mix, Blanket Flower, Catchfly,Knautia Melten Pastels, Poppy Mix, Wallflower, Columbine 'Ruby Port', White Woodland Tobacco, Blue-Eyed Grass, White Foxglove, Foxglove Mix, Pink Cranesbill Geranium, Salvia 'Lady in Red', Salvia 'Blue Bedder', Money Plant, Blue Nigella, Calendula, and St.John's Wort. If you are interested in a swap please contact me. Thanks, JR

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