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For stings: The best remedy For stings: The best remedy for dealing with major stings is nicotine. A scorpion sting's pain can be halted in its tracks by smearing the nicotine from a smoking pipe filter across the area of the sting. There will be some 'throbbing' but the pain should stop almost immediately. If you get stung by an ASP aka Texas Puss Caterpillar make half a dozen inverted loops of tape one and a half inch to two inches in diameter(sticky side out). Insert two fingers into tape roll, then roll the loop of tape across the area of the sting JUST ONCE! Only roll the loop of tape until you come to the area where you started rolling, stop there and drop it into the garbage can. You are removing the fine stinging hairs that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Continue rolling the succeeding loops of tape, until you're out of loops of tape. Six should do the trick, unless you touched numerous areas of skin against the Asp. Then smear the nicotine from a smoking pipe filter across the sting and cover with a patch and don't wash the area for 24 hrs. If you don't have a smoking pipe filter, use a small rolled up wad of Beechnut leaf chewing tobacco that has been moistened with tap water, just enough so that the nicotine begins to color your finger tips. Flatten the wetted chewing tobacco on the surface of the sting and keep it in place by 'X' two large bandaids over it to hold it in place. A large square athletic band-aid works as well. I've used a piece of Saran-Wrap over the tobacco and then used an ACE bandage wrapped over the top of the Saran-Wrap to hold it in place for 24 hrs. Count yourself lucky if you've never been stung by an Asp. The misleading part is that if you've never been stung by one, you don't realize that you've just been stung when you first come into contact with an Asp, because unlike bees, wasps, scorpions and such there is absolutely no bite or puncture that hurts with the 'contact' that will eventually spread the poison into your body. The spread of the Asp poison and pain lasts approx 18 - 22 hrs. If you take no steps to remove the fine stinging hairs, or applied nicotine to fight the stinging poison, you are in for bone-breaking feeling of pain of un-imaginable agony for nearly a day. Asp stings can cause DEATHS, due to blood poisoning in some cases. The factor to 'look' for in a victim of an Asp sting is a RED LINE under the skin leading from the area of the sting, up towards the shoulder, in the case of a stung hand or arm. Or a red line going up the leg towards the torso. ***IMMEDIATE*** transport to an Emergency Room at a local hospital is required at this point, if the 'red line' appears on the victim's skin.

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