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Two adjacent flagpoles areTwo adjacent flagpoles are fine. Or, you can fly both flags on one pole. For one pole: the U.S. flag should be on top and the POW/MIA flag directly below it. For two poles: the U.S. flag should be displayed on the pole to the flag's own right (Note: The "flag's own right" is usually the observer's left, as s/he is looking at the flag from the most frequently viewed angle, such as a view from the street. So, for example, two flag poles located in the front yard of a house, as viewed from the street, would have the U.S. flag on the left pole and the POW/MIA flag on the right pole.) The POW/MIA flag, on the other pole, should not be higher than the U.S. flag. In either case, the POW/MIA flag should be no larger than the U.S. flag.

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