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Energized when Fall is in the airHello everyone..I'm a housewife, mother of two adults and grandmother. I'm a christian with an open mind. I live in the deep south and I'm a rebel by heart. I believe everyone has a right to live life the way it makes them and others happy. I don't care what your color, religion, nationality or political views are. If you have a good heart and treat others with kindness we'll get along. I love my family, I enjoy writing, telling stories to children,quilting,painting,gardening, crocheting,collecting antiques,rocks, crystals. I have lots of hobbies and lots of beliefs. One thing that gets my energy and immagination flowing is that first nip of cool air in the fall after one of Florida's hot summers. I feel like the energizer bunny when fall arrives. The colors, the way the air smells, the magic of the season. I suppose that is why Halloween has aways been fun and magical for me. I have a website that is based on those feelings and everything related to the magic of Fall and Halloween. So have a good one everyone remember Fall is just around the corner. I wish you all a very magical one.

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