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A big bush to hideA big bush to hide behind. Meanwhile, everyone else jumped into the big executive pool/spa to cool off from the heat. "Know what we need?" Mouse asked. "We need to get some REAL fun going on here with these labs! It sure is lonely without Starzy and TUnia to keep things hoping in strange directions!" "I agree Mouse!" Mary Scott added. "Do any of you fine gents have some clever plans of something REALLY GREAT that we could ALL do? The food fights were fun for awhile, but, it's getting kind of boring around here...lets liven it up!" "YB! C'mon and hurry up! We need some suggestions from you too!" Mouse yelled out back. Stuie and Blacksheep were busy relaxing in their blow up recliners...floating lazily around the pool when.......... Posted by: mousepotatoes69 (IP Logged) Date: August 9, 2009 04:22PM

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