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For fresh garlic, hang yourFor fresh garlic, hang your bulbs in onion (net) bags, they will last longer in a barely cool room with lowish humidity. Like a basement, or my back porch. That can get you through the 8 months or so between planting and scapes, with early garlic a few weeks later. If it is a hardneck, it will have better taste and flavor, but only last a few months. Softnecks, specifically a variety such as Incheleum Red or Polish White (Softneck) can still be usable (certainly better than what you might buy at the chain store) for 7-8 months. Some say longer. You can also dehydrate and powder it, shake, shake, shake it on pizza or toasted, buttered French Bread Slices You can google dehydrating, but here is a really GOOD tutorial I ran across (it's not mine) for a $1.50, and you can pay with pay pal. It really is good.

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