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I live in Eastern Oregon.I live in Eastern Oregon. This is Onion & Garlic country. I have recieved bags of garlic & onion from farmers & I have dried & powdered them, then I give them away to friends. I also dry & powder zuccini,& tomato,& I store them in gallon jars in my garage refrigerator. I use all 4 in Rubs, Soups, & Stews. Last month 1 of our dogs got sprayed in the face,by a skunk, we dumped a bunch of the tomato powder in a 5 gallon bucket of warm water & bathed her outside. It worked just as well as store bought tomato juice! I also dry our Jalepeno & Habinero peppers. The Habinero makes a great Pepper Spray, but I use it in the garden. We also dry our produce in the garage.

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