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I just cut my Roma's intoI just cut my Roma's into thick slices & let them dry, until they are brittle. Then into my Bullet blender & I've got powder. I don' buy Tomato paste anymore. I just add some water to my powder & make it pasty. I got great ideas from Euell Gibbons book,"Stalking the Wild Asparagus." Copywright 1962. I highly recommend this book, to anyone that is interested in the basics. I've even made a sort of flour out of dry zuccini, I use it as a thickener. We have been planting gardens that are too big for us, so that we can share with our friends in town. Last year we donated 3500 lbs. of produce to our local Food Bank. I tell folks, when you plant your seeds, plant a few more for the Food Bank.

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