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Lettuces and spinach takeLettuces and spinach take liltte space and are easy to grow during the spring and fall.Carrots and radishes can be planted pretty densely and radishes only take a month from seed to harvest so several crops can be planted in a season. I would often eat them right out the garden.A couple of tomatoes are a must. They are more vertical space. At least a cherry (for eating in the garden) and a beefsteak for slicing. Buy or make big sturdy cagesSugar snap peas are a favorite. Build a trellis for them to climb and they take liltte space.Same goes for vine cucumbers.Peppers and eggplants are pretty compact but I gave up on them after the flea beetles arrived.Zucchini and yellow squash are big plants but you can get a big yield from one mound of plants.Hope that helps.-Brian

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