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Ive harvested 76 bucks with aIve harvested 76 bucks with a bow. I have studied made notes of and documented my results of hunting according to the moon phase. You can bank on the factor the moon makes when hunting whitetail bucks. I am currently getting prepared to write my second book on archery hunting and moon phases. For a quick tip to my fellow archers, on a full moon sleep in, get in your tree stand around 10:00am.-2:00pm. It's hard to adapt to because of habit. Because it is embedded in our brains to hunt morning and evening only. From my experience: it took me 10 years to even try, but I will tell you this I wished I would have tried it 10 years earlier, I may have harvested a few more bucks that we know are there but never see!!! I am going to post my experience through this year 2012 to hopefully be helpfull to my fellow archers!!! Untill then good luck and please be safe in the stand!!! Ricky J. !!!

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