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Reply to Exys118Hello, Exys. Your compatibility with either girl should be based on entire charts, not just a few aspects. There is no reason why a Pisces Sun cannot work well with an Aries Sun or a Leo Sun, and I know of many such couples. Your major aspects are all inconsistent (mutable), so you will do best with someone who has very direct (cardinal) or stable (fixed) energy. The Aries has two major cardinal placements (Sun and Moon), and the Leo has two major fixed placements (Sun and Ascendant). It is possible that Miss Aries' Cancer Moon is trine your Pisces Sun (a beneficial aspect) because they are in the same element, and/or her Aries Sun is trine your Sagittarius Ascendent, and/or her Virgo Ascendent is conjunct (in the same degree or within a few degrees of) your Virgo Moon. Any of these aspects are good, especially those concerning either Moon because the Moon represents emotions and security. My first guess when someone "just likes" someone else is that their Moon (in this case yours) is being triggered, and that there is an aspect being made from the other person's Ascendant (which would be hers). The Ascendant is general behavior, approach to life, and outward personality (what impression you give others). You have an additional attraction to someone with a major Cancer aspect (her Moon in this case) if your Sun falls in the 4th house of your chart. This is because the 4th house is the "home" of Cancer, so a Sun in the 4th house has a core being concerned with Cancerian matters. It is also possible that Miss Leo's Sun is trine your Sagittarius Ascendant and/or her Scorpio Ascendant is trine your Sun. However, her Gemini Moon opposes your Ascendant and is square your Sun and Moon. Depending on the degrees of these aspects, this could cause issues wherein you don't understand her emotional behaviors and she doesn't understand your general behavior and approach to life (and you clash about these matters). If your Sun is in the 5th house, you will have more of a tie to her "core," and will be better able to overlook any negative Moon aspects. If Leo rules your 10th house, then Miss Leo will be a better match for you socially and will improve your reputation. I can't tell you with certainty who is most compatible based on only three parts of each chart as many factors depend on knowing exact degrees of planets and aspects and houses. However, based on the limited information you gave, it looks as if the Aries has better synastry with you. Good luck!

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