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I saw the time lapse on NOAAI saw the time lapse on NOAA of the north pole ice pack. The winter of 2012 actually looked a little larger than I expected. Then as the summer came into full swing the melting really got started!! How warm did it get to make the ice melt that fast last summer? I also dont want to see the north pole vanish away either. Back 30-40 years ago everything seemed fine but the north pole isnt the icy wonderland it used to be! Who do us humans think we are to mess with the Earth like that? putting gasses into the atmosphere? The society we live in now is just "economy comes first, enviroment last" Im not blaming it on this country but sometimes we just dont realize what we're actually doing to the enviroment. I dont want to believe in global warming, but now we have no choice it seems like

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