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Baking PumpkinsI love baked whole pumpkins. I cut them in half and then bake them until soft. Not only do I eat the meat, but I like to eat the skin (pumpkin rind) once baked as well, as it normally softens and tastes great. However, I recently bought a bunch of pumpkins (sugar/pumpkin pie variety) and since my apartment is humid and warm, one developed a mold spot. So I realized they needed to be stored in a cooler, dryer place in order to keep them longer. I decided to bake one of these today, which was stored in the colder area. It was MUCH harder to cut in half, and after baking, the skin completely hardened (unedible) instead of softening up (as I am used to). Was this because it was kept in the cold, or was it just that particular pumpkin? I'm wondering whether or not to move the pumpkins back inside, because I want the rinds to soften when baked. Also, I need to be able to cut them, which is nearly impossible when they are so hard! I'm just afraid they will rot if kept inside my apartment. What do you suggest I do?

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