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It surprises me to no endIt surprises me to no end that the current power structure continues to block, obfuscate and blatantly lie about what is happening here on Earth. Obviously you have not taken the time nor effort to read anything other than what you have been told that you can read. I will help you out; http://www.zmescience.com/research/studies/methane-deposits-in-seabed-sediments-released-042432/ Also, it would be prudent to take into consideration the Solar Storms that have been bombarding Earth; http://www.space.com/14826-solar-storm-hitting-earth-today.html And let us not forget this elephant in the room; http://www.ouramazingplanet.com/1022-greenland-antarctica-ice-sheets-melting-faster.html Our "Science" is antiquated and becoming irrelevant in a world that is changing faster than our ability to allow new information into our thick heads. It is a shame and a crime ( in my opinion ) for those who hold doctorates or degrees in the field of science to withhold new information that might help mankind to 1) Understand the connection between our Sun and weather patterns, and 2) To help us to prepare for more catastrophe.Everyone seems to have lulled themselves into a false sense of security...or a state of utter ignorance. Those who did not prepare for such an event have only themselves to blame because people ( like me ) have been sounding the alarm bells for nealry a decade now. Prepare yourselves for more catastrophic weather related events, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions...what can you lose if you do? If you need that question answered then I would ask the people of Haiti, Japan, Chile, New Zealand, Joplin, Missouri, Dothan, Alabama, Australia, Pakistan, Indonesia and many, many other sites across the world that are experiencing life altering events related to Earth ( actually they are happening all throughout our Solar System....but that does not affect us...or does it??? ) Changes. For utter shame on the "Scientific" Community! Lives are at stake here!

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