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I'm not sure how the OFAI'm not sure how the OFA connects full moons to the seasons in one sentence, and then connects them to calendar months in the next sentence (top of this page). I don't believe that the Native Americans knew of or cared about calendar months. They knew of and lived by the seasons, and they named their moons by the season, not by March or June. The first full moon of winter is the Wolf moon, and we continue forward. First of spring is Pink, first of summer is Thunder. The second of summer is Sturgeon. Then it gets tricky because the full moon closest to the first day of fall is the Harvest moon. Half of the time it falls before the first day of fall, which can make it the third full moon of summer. In 2012 it did not fall in the summer, so the third of summer was the full Fruit (or Red as you used) moon. In 2013 it does fall in summer, but there are four moons this summer, so the third one will still be the Fruit/Red moon (and a TRUE BLUE moon, which is a whole nother sore subject). Then the first of fall is Hunter's, second is Beaver and third of fall is back to Cold. This is the true cycle of moon names based on the seasons, not on calendar months that the Natives did not go by. OFA should stay consistent and apply the moon names by season.

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