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Are either of them worth my time?I am not knowledgeable in the sense of my suns and moons...All I know is my sign is a Gemini and bday is 6/5. I have been seeing someone that I am not completely sold on just yet. I have told him many times that I want to take it slow, develop a friendship with him and maybe work towards more later. He is crazy about me and it is obvious. I like him as a friend, and I know that if our relationship is able to flow without him pressuring me about being exclusive we will grow to become the best of friends. But there are other things that he has going on in his life that turn me off as well, but as a friend I do like him. Then there is someone else that I really care about, but he was deployed overseas and that relationship was kind of left on a cliffhanger. We have been in contact but it isn't really clear where we're going. I know that if the opportunity arose, marriage would definitely be an option. I know that I love this man, and he has expressed clearly (in words) the same. I want to know if I am wasting my time by waiting/dealing with either of them. Thanks for your help. TeeMoo

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