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I need the MJO to cooperate.I need the MJO to cooperate. While the west has seen record flooding, back East its been terribly dry and WARM. THIS WEATHER IS CRAZY!!! It is December and I had to mow my grass and why am I seeing wildflowers blooming in my backyard? We should be seeing snow. My nephew in Texas sent me a picture of his thermometer reading of 86 degrees. Thats crazy warm for Texas. Up into the mid atlantic we were pushing 70 today. I havent seen a drop of rain in 2 weeks either. My holiday season is ruined and so is our winter season in the East. Its sooo bone dry were under red flag warnings in VA. Will we get any of that precip? snow is needed at this point. Badly. NOAA shows above average temps through Christmas, I want winter back :'( Im sorry to complain about the weather but its really bothering alot of us. Its all I could think about today.. shorts on Dec 4!

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