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Here in eastern Texas it hasHere in eastern Texas it has been quite a weather year. 2 years in a row Texas has been dying and roasting over the summers of 2011 & 2012. No matter how much it rains, it would be nice if the MJO could help all of us in the south. We need the rain very very badly, basically the whole US was under drought this year in 2012 but theres one benefit to this though, we in the United States have the urge to help one another in tough times. For instance, the derecho that hit the Mid Atlantic states like Maryland and Virginia, I actually saw people donate money to the tragedy there as they were suffering through a tough heat wave without power. During Sandy, seeing them lose everything they had, It brought me to tears to see it. It was heartbreaking, I've been through hurricanes, tornadoes.. Ive seen it all in my neck of the woods. Now that winter is here (almost) can we please give our fellow easterners the snow they want? I want to close out 2012 with a real winter as well. No more fake winters, mother nature ripped us off last year. However, I believe things will recover. 2013 is a new year, we can start it off right with snow in the east, rain in the Texas panhandle, storms in the west and the mighty Mississippi filling up with water

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