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Im very very very ticked offIm very very very ticked off at this weather. I was out west in southern Oregon at my friends house last week, see they were being bombarded with storms like you said, caused by the Pineapple Express but back home in Indiana, we havent seen a drop of precip in i dont know how long. In the lower midwest and mid atlantic states there isnt any signs of snow. It stayed in MN, IL and farther north. Its supposed to get cold BUT temperatures will rebound back above normal. I live in a small rural town in southeastern Indiana , the weather seems to be the talk of most people. We're all sick of this warm weather. Its December, when is winter coming in for good? Im getting to the point where I may just give up on winter. Do you still expect this winter will be real? I just want winter back :'( is that too much to ask for? Lol it looks like all of us want a winter on the Old Farmers Almanac!

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