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I live in the west and duringI live in the west and during the first week of December it has been quite wet. I love the rain because late summer through fall we havent been in the way of rainfall. I'm not too crazy about the severe weather with the storms but the pineapple express gave us a GRREEAT soaking. Its what we needed in the thirsty western United States. I have to admit, seeing the eastern US being so warm and dry is sad. I know how it feels to have winter cancelled. We didnt have one either last year. I hope old man winter will stay not only here, but in the eastern US as well. Im so sorry folks!! Dont give up on winter though, its still fall and winter is still a matter of 2 weeks away. You'd be amazed of how much things change between now and Christmas. I will check weather forecasts tomorrow, the US doesent need warm and dry. I've seen enough!

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