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Hello to all!I'm not an experienced gardener, but I wish to grow a small garden (if one may call it that) using plants from my backyard (weeds mainly). I am reading up on techniques for general gardening, but I find that the only books I have do not specifically discuss the plants I have available. So far, I have identified, observed, and taken practical notes on these plants I found in my backyard: common/great plantain, chickweed, purple clover, common prickly ash (a rather interesting, thorny woody plant), wild/wood/common violet, prostrate knotweed, and what I believe to be strawberry. I am experimenting with growing them differently at different times (e.g., I found that I could transplant knotweed indoors quite easily in the winter with only water and a freshly cut and stripped rhizome). I have compounded one of my favorite pursuits, astronomy, with my gardening, and am compiling a horticultural reference of my own. Still, I am inexperienced with gardening in general, as I have learned time and time again. Currently, I am trying to learn to recognize good soil and bad soil, drying techniques for very small herbs (like chickweed), propagation techniques and how to tell what plants they will work for, individual plant traits, plant diseases, evaluating a plant's health and growth rate, keeping good records, and general gardening information. Glad to be here.

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