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Oh, Kim! I've never heard ofOh, Kim! I've never heard of hens being so incredibly stubborn! A couple of things come to mind. Are you feeding a layer mash or pellet? Hens need calcium for shell production and the muscle tone to lay - you might want to give them some chicken grit (crushed oyster shell). Are they getting actual sunlight? Are the hens suited to your climate? Some breeds want warmer weather, and some cooler. If it's any consolation, my hens aren't laying up to expectations either this year. I have Harcos, which should be laying at 75% - nine eggs per day per twelve hens. I've had them before and got that kind of production. This year I'm getting two to four eggs from eleven hens. If all else fails, you may want to start with new chickens. Good luck - let me know how it goes! Elizabeth

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